Brazil: Model moves drug cartel threads and orders execution of her husband

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For the inhabitants of the city Matinios in his state Paran. in Brazil, the Camilla Marodin was known as an influencer and model of luxury clothing and lingerie. In the last days they learn that after the death of her husband Ricardo she was the “queen” of their trafficking gang drugs. In fact, the authorities now suspect that she ordered his execution and in fact on the birthday of their 4-year-old son!

The plot of the case, which has aroused the curiosity of the country, has unfolded in recent days. THE Ricardo Marodin was executed on November 7 and his widow told authorities that the murder was probably due to the confusion of his identity or due to business disputes.

Five days later, local police handcuffed her on charges of drug trafficking, and she is believed to be responsible for his death. Ricardo Marodin and two police officers. The police initially believed that the ήταν boss was her husband, but now they estimate that she is the one who moved the threads.

The criminal organization he allegedly ran was dismantled after a huge operation with 40 arrest warrants. During that time, a man fell dead and 39 firearms and about 20,000 euros. According to the announcement of the police, they have been trying for more than a year to arrest the members of the “cartel”.

The model owned 13 houses worth more than 500,000 euros and five cars, while the luxurious life she lived with him is recorded through social media Ricardo. They were almost found in her bank account 250,000 euros. She was arrested as she was leaving her mother’s house to return to her home. She hid a gun in the garden of her mother’s house. After intensive police investigations, he was located and confiscated.

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