Brazil: More than 460,000 deaths from coronavirus – Reaching 16.5 million cases

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THE Brazil exceeded 460,000 dead due to COVID-19, the day when in many major cities of the country tens of thousands of people protested against the way the coronavirus pandemic was dealt with by the far-right president Zaich Bolsonaro.

Another 2,012 COVID-19 patients died in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll from the pandemic to 461,057, according to data released by the health ministry.

During the same period, 79,670 cases of SARS-CoV-2 were confirmed, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to 16,471,600.

The country mourns the second worst pandemic in the world, behind only the US, and the third highest number of infections on the planet, behind the US and India, is facing a new outbreak and hospitals continue to flooded by patients.

The immunization campaign, which started late and is still moving slowly in the country of 212 million people, has not reached a point where it can change the situation. So far, some 66.7 million doses of vaccine have been given, with 21.9 million people receiving both doses, according to the health ministry.

Epidemiologists fear the country is threatened by a third wave as winter approaches in the southern hemisphere.

Tens of thousands of people protested yesterday against the president and the way Zaich Bolsonaro handled the crisis.

In central Rio de Janeiro, some 10,000 masked men marched on left-wing parties and student organizations, chanting slogans such as “Bolsonaro out” or “Bolsonaro genocide.”

“No one wants to take to the streets in the midst of a pandemic” but “Bolsonaru gives us no other choice. We are on the road to defending people’s lives. “We will not wait (for the presidential election) in 2022. This is just the beginning,” said Guillermo Bullus, leader of the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST).

From the manifestation of his pandemic coronavirus, which according to him causes only a “flu”, the Brazilian president opposed the restrictive measures, defied the recommendations for the use of a mask, advertised drugs without proven effectiveness, questioned the value of vaccines.

For the participants in the mobilizations, tens of thousands of deaths could have been avoided if the government had started the immunization campaign earlier.

Protesters also accused the far-right politician of favoring deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, promoting violence and racism.

Demonstrations took place in many cities, from El Salvador (northeast) to Brasilia and Belo Horizonci (southeast).

According to the G1 website, a demonstration in Hesife (northeast) was broken up by police using tear gas and plastic bullets.

The rallies followed two weekends of pro-government rallies, to which Zaich Bolsonarou himself called.

The president’s popularity has plummeted to 24%, a record low, according to a poll by the Datafolha Institute. According to the same survey, 49% of citizens want the head of state to resign, while 49% are against the idea. Former center-left former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Bolsonaro’s main rival, is said to be the front-runner in the 2022 presidential election.

More than 77,000 dead in Argentina

THE Argentina exceeded the limit of 77,000 deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Health announced that another 416 patients with COVID-19 succumbed in the previous 24 hours, with the death toll reaching 77,108 dead at this stage. During the same period, another 29,841 cases of SARS-CoV-2 were diagnosed, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to 3,732,263.

The selected active cases have reached 366,688, while 6,909 patients are treated in intensive care units (ICU).

As for the vaccination campaign, more than 12 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given so far.

For the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Roberto Salvareza, Argentina is in a “critical moment” of the pandemic. Speaking on Spanish radio station CNN, Mr. Salvareza estimated that the vaccination of people at “highest risk” could be completed next month and noted that he expected “12 million people” to be vaccinated in June. The government wants half of Argentina’s population to be immunized by the summer.

The second wave of the pandemic that hits the country pushed the government of center-left president Alberto Fernandez to impose a 9-day lockdown until today Sunday.

Another 383 deaths in Mexico

Data published by the Ministry of Health Mexico show that 383 patients with COVID-19 succumbed in the previous 24 hours, while 2,725 cases of SARS-CoV-2 were confirmed in the laboratory.

Officially, the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in the country of 126 million has reached 223,455 dead so far out of a total of 2,411,503 infections.

However, the Mexican government acknowledges that the death toll – the fourth heaviest in the world after the United States, Brazil and India – is underestimated. Data on over-mortality presented by the Ministry of Health in March revealed that deaths due to COVID-19 are at least 60% higher than those recorded.

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