Brazil needs to require a passport for the vaccine, says vice president of SBIm

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In an interview with CNN this Sunday (21), the vice president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm), Isabella Ballalai, stated that it is necessary for Brazil to demand that foreign tourists be vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Just as we have for the yellow fever vaccine, this requirement for vaccination against Covid is very important, we are still in a pandemic. There are countries that haven’t even started the first [vacina] and we need the whole world vaccinated”, he stated.

The vice president also spoke about the need for a booster dose for Brazilians and the announcement by the Ministry of Health that the interval for a booster dose will be reduced to 5 months, in addition to stipulating that everyone over 18 years old receive the new dose of the vaccine.

“We didn’t expect that [a dose de reforço] would be adopted at that time, it was our demand and is very welcome. The idea is that we need to reinforce it, understanding that after three months, this protection starts to drop”, he said.

As for the booster for those vaccinated with a single dose of Janssen, Isabella said that there are still no data on recommendations, although she believes that it will be needed soon.

“Just as with other vaccines, we understand that there has to be a booster, for Janssen it was also clear that over time this protection drops and, especially, with new variants, it drops more”.

“The Ministry of Health issued a technical note and the Janssen recommendation does not appear, but we understand that a reinforcement should be instituted soon, because it is necessary”, he said

*(supervised by Ludmila Candal)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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