Brazil recedes on the international agenda with a common currency, says president of Insper

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In an interview with CNN this Monday (23), Marcos Lisboa, president of Insper, assessed that Brazil “regresses on the international agenda” by proposing ties with Argentina, especially the proposal of a common currency between both countries.

“Brazil has several opportunities to actually expand its trade and to become more similar to the rules that govern developed countries. Unfortunately, we went backwards in the agenda when making this link with Argentina, which has huge problems to be faced”, he said.

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“We are going to let the OECD pass, agreements with the European community pass, which are what are worth it with the country, and above all with East Asia, which is very complementary to the Brazilian economy.”

In Lisbon’s view, East Asian countries should be Brazil’s priority, as “they do well what we don’t do, and we produce things that they greatly need”.

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“Brazil benefited a lot from trade with East Asia. That should be our priority, not this game of scene with Argentina that starts with nothing and will end with nothing.”

Check out the full interview in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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