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Brazil records 8,500 arrests of women attackers and seizes a thousand weapons in one month

Brazil recorded 7,052 arrests in the act and 1,432 outstanding arrest warrants for domestic and family violence from August 21st to September 15th.

The data will be released this Monday afternoon (18) by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, responsible for coordinating Operation Shamar.

In total, state security forces seized 473 firearms and 612 bladed weapons, such as knives and pocket knives, in one month.

During the operation period, 86,224 victims were treated and 60,775 police reports were registered.

The main incidents recorded are: non-compliance with urgent protective measures, threats, kidnapping and false imprisonment, stalking, rape, bodily harm, injury and feminicide.

In addition to repressive actions, the Women’s Police Stations promoted preventive actions, with the aim of encouraging the population to speak out in cases of violence. The initiative included the distribution of informative pamphlets in regions further away from the centers of the capitals.

On Monday afternoon, minister Flávio Dino, the National Secretary of Public Security, Tadeu Alencar, and the director of Integrated Operations and Intelligence, Romano Costa, detailed the data in a ceremony at the Palace of Justice.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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