Brazil resumes meat negotiations with China, says agriculture minister

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The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Carlos Fávaro, announced this Wednesday (18th), during a press conference, that Brazil has returned to negotiating the sale of meat with China.

“These are actions that took place in the last few hours that showed that the world has returned to believing in Brazil,” said the minister.

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In April 2022, the Asian country had decided to temporarily suspend imports from three slaughterhouses from Brazil, saying it had identified the presence of nucleic acid from the coronavirus in the product.

In May, China again suspended imports of Brazilian beef, but this time it did not state why. Fávaro’s announcement means the end of this ban on the three slaughterhouses.

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In addition, the minister announced a series of negotiations with foreign countries, including the lifting of the suspension of three Brazilian meatpacking plants for China and the authorization to purchase cotton for Egypt, in addition to 11 cattle plants for Indonesia.

The minister explained that the results are the responsibility of the new government and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), and that Brazil has credibility and respect. “Job opportunities will happen here, Brazil has credibility again and with all due respect, I am sure, it is the result of the credibility of the new government led by President Lula”, he said.

Fávaro also informed that he will go to Berlin, Germany, this Thursday (19) to participate in the International Green Week, which takes place between January 20 and 29.

The objective of the ministry, at the event, is to present the new government of Lula (PT) to the international public. According to the folder, another focus will be on the message of change in Brazil’s guidelines with regard to the environment.

On Friday (20), the minister will also participate in the event “How can Brazil and Germany change food systems?” at the Brazilian embassy in Germany. On Saturday (21), Fávaro will participate in the Conference of Ministers of Agriculture, an event that will bring together around 70 representatives in Germany. The minister returns to Brazil on Sunday (22).

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Source: CNN Brasil

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