Brazil: See the stunning graffiti from the Amazon ash

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The Brazilian artist Mountano he used ashes from his burnt forest Amazon to create a graffiti in his city Sao Paulo. The picture shows a firefighter standing while a forest, fires and dead animals are being deforested.

“I am using the evidence of the crime,” he told the agency Reuters The Mountano made from ash paint to present his work of art covering a thousand square meters next to a building in her big city Brazil. He calls his practice a combination of art and activism.

THE Mountano traveled more than ten thousand kilometers throughout Brazil between June and July to collect ashes from its rainforest Amazon, the area Pantanal, its tropical savannah Serado and Atlantic forest. In order to inspire the project, he talked to firefighters and volunteers and listened to their testimonies from the battles with the flames, their stories and their concerns. “I wanted to feel sad,” he said. He named his work “The Forest Firefighter”.

THE President of Brazil, Zaire Bolsonaro, has not yet kept its promise to eradicate illegal logging in Amazon, the largest green “lung” on the planet. He encouraged illegal loggers to give up this activity and work in the mines or become farmers.

Last August alone, satellites recorded 28,060 fires in the area Amazon covering Brazil, while official data show that the rainforest is shrinking due to its deforestation.

“This graffiti is a protest, a cry for help,” he said Mountano. “I want to stand by the firefighters and change our culture that leads us to self-destruction,” he added.

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