Brazil should end 2022 with 2 million technology professionals hired

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From January to June this year, 76,340 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals were hired in Brazil. This is equivalent to 12,700 new hires per month, according to data from Brasscom’s Jobs and Salaries Monitor, a monthly report that tracks movements in the technology sector.

Hiring in the first semester indicates an increase of 4% compared to the total number of people employed until the end of 2021. In the sum of all sectors of the Brazilian economy, the increase in hiring in the first semester was 2.7%.

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Since 2020, the increase in technology hires has not stopped. That year, 50,000 jobs were created. In 2021, the number reached 198,600 — nearly four times as many.

If the positive trend continues in the second half of the year, Brazil is expected to surpass the mark of 2 million professionals hired in 2022.

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For the president of Brasscom, Sergio Paulo Gallindo, the numbers have shown the sector’s efficiency.

“They are the result of the great movement undertaken by technology companies to meet the needs of other sectors, which, due to the pandemic, had to type even faster”.

Salaries in technology also remain above the Brazilian average. The remuneration of professionals is more than double the national average salary, 118% higher.

The ICT Macrosector is formed by technology companies, Telecom (telecommunications operators) and TI House (hiring technology professionals by companies from other sectors, such as banks, e-commerce, etc.).

Source: CNN Brasil

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