Brazil should receive 4.2 million foreign tourists in 2022, says survey

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Embratur, an entity linked to the Ministry of Tourism, estimated that Brazil should receive approximately 4.2 million international tourists throughout 2022.

It is the highest number of visitors from abroad since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which began just over two years ago.

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However, the number of tourists expected for this year is still lower compared to the periods before the health crisis, when the numbers exceeded 6 million tourists in the country annually.

The information is part of a survey carried out by Embratur, at the request of CNN, through the Law on Access to Information (LAI).

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For 2022, the expectation is that, per day, each international tourist will spend approximately US$ 47.65, according to data from the federal government.

In practice, with an average stay of seven days, travelers coming from abroad should inject at least US$ 1.4 billion into the Brazilian economy this year.

Despite the good economic result, the federal government warned that the numbers before the Covid-19 pandemic should only be reached in 2024.

“Faced with a scenario of many changes in the tourism horizon due to the gradual resumption of public and demand for post-pandemic international travel, Embratur’s current expectation is that about 4.2 million international tourists will visit Brazil this year. 2022. Even so, it is important to note that the current estimates projected by our Competitive and Market Intelligence area predict that the resumption of pre-pandemic tourist numbers will only be achieved in 2024”, highlights the government in the statement via LAI.

According to data obtained by CNN, the most frequent tourists in Brazilian territory will come from countries in Latin America, Europe and North America. And they, in turn, prefer five main destinations in Brazil: the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Florianópolis.

pent-up demand

The numbers of foreign tourists show a recovery of the sector in Brazil in 2022. According to the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators (Braztoa), the result is linked to repressed demand after two years of pandemic.

“This scenario shows that the pent-up demand for travel continues to materialize, with closer boarding among people with higher purchasing power – see the emphasis on luxury travel”, highlights the president of Braztoa, Roberto Haro Nedelciu.

Source: CNN Brasil

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