Brazil should register 185,600 new cases of skin cancer in 2022, estimates Inca

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A projection made by CNN, based on data from the National Cancer Institute (Inca), an agency linked to the Ministry of Health, points out that Brazil should register 185,600 new cases of skin cancer in 2022.

The number may increase even more throughout this year, if Brazilians do not properly protect themselves against the sun, the main risk factor for the disease.

In recent weeks, several Brazilian capitals have recorded record temperatures, such as Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul.

According to Inca, approximately 177,000 Brazilians are expected to contract non-melanoma skin cancer in 2022, the most common and least aggressive, being 83,700 in men and 93.1 in women.

According to the institute’s estimate, populations in the South, Midwest and Southeast will be the most affected by the disease.

Melanoma skin cancer, the most serious type of the disease, is expected to manifest itself in 8,500 Brazilians in 2022. This type of cancer is treated by surgery or chemotherapy. The Inca points out that almost 2,000 people should die as a result of the disease.

“Excessive sun exposure is the main risk factor for skin cancer. People who are exposed to the sun for a long time are the group with the highest risk of getting skin cancer. It is necessary for the population to develop habits of protection against the sun”, highlights the Inca.

The executive director of the Cancer Foundation, Luiz Augusto Maltoni, points out that the use of sunscreen is “fundamental” to contain the high number of cases registered in the country.

“People need to use sunscreen, which few people use. We are at a peak of new cases of skin cancer and if people don’t protect themselves, we will continue with these extreme numbers of the disease. This summer is very hot and people need to protect themselves,” explained Maltoni.

Temperature record in capitals

For the second day in a row, on Tuesday (18), the city of Rio de Janeiro recorded a temperature of 39.2°C in the West Zone of the city. It was the highest of the year and summer so far.

The thermal sensation reached 50.8°C in the same area of ​​the capital of Rio de Janeiro. For this Thursday (20), Climatempo expects a temperature of up to 37°C, with a thermal sensation that reaches the house of 50°C.

The city of São Paulo also recorded, this Wednesday (19), the highest temperature of the summer for the second consecutive day. According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the capital of São Paulo registered 33.7º C in the North Zone of the city, around 3 pm.

This week, the temperature in Porto Alegre also surprised. Thermometers reached 40.3ºC in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, according to Inmet measurements. This is also the hottest temperature in Porto Alegre since the beginning of summer on December 21 last year.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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