Brazil should register more than 2 million new cases of cancer in the next three years, points out Inca

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The National Cancer Institute (Inca), an entity linked to the Ministry of Health, released this Wednesday (23) the estimate of cases of cancer in Brazil over the next three years. Figures show that the country should register approximately 705,000 new cases of cancer per year, between 2023 and 2025.

Altogether, occurrences were estimated for the 21 most frequent types of tumor.

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Thus, in the next three years, more than two million Brazilians will be diagnosed with a new tumor, be it benign or malignant, highlights Inca. After skin cancer, tumors in the prostate, in men, and breast, in women, will be the most frequent in the country in this analyzed period.

“The most frequent tumor in Brazil is that of non-melanoma skin, which represents 31% of all cancer cases in Brazil”, points out an excerpt from the report released by Inca.

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Next come breast cancer (10.5%), prostate (10.2%), colon and rectum (6.5%), lung (4.6%) and stomach (3.1%).

In absolute terms, breast cancer should reach almost 75 thousand women every year, between 2023 and 2025. That is, 225 thousand new cases in the next three years. Already the prostate will total 72 thousand new cases among men – 216 thousand in the triennium.

Brazil celebrates the National Day to Combat Cancer next Sunday, November 27th.

Cases by region

Of the 704 thousand new annual cases of cancer in Brazil in the next three years, 70% will be registered in the population of the South and Southeast regions of the country, due to the greater demographic density.

Breast, prostate and colon and rectum cancer are the most frequent types in both regions.

In the North of the country, unlike the South of Brazil, cervical cancer appears among the main tumors among Brazilians.

Source: CNN Brasil

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