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Brazil stalls in international basic education assessment ranking

Brazil once again performed poorly in the main assessment of basic education in the world and appears among the 20 worst places in the ranking in two of the three areas analyzed by the International Student Assessment Program (Pisa).

The result, released this Tuesday (5), shows the performance of 15-year-old students who took the exam in 2022 and had their knowledge in mathematics, science and reading assessed.

See the positions Brazil occupied:

  • Reading: 52°
  • Sciences: 61°
  • Mathematics: 64°

Despite results considered below average, compared to data from recent editions, Brazil remained stable, taking into account the difficulties imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“Considering that we were one of the world champions in the number of days with schools closed, the data is surprising: our declines in averages in each area assessed are not among the worst when considering countries with similar characteristics and previous levels”, explains Olavo Nogueira Filho , executive director of the NGO Todos Pela Educação.

For him, there are two hypotheses for stability in Brazilian results.

The first shows that the average efforts of education networks in 2022 may have had some positive effect to mitigate larger drops. The second is that the data suggests that Brazil had been improving its performance in recent years and the impacts of the pandemic “neutralized” this improvement.

In the general average, compared to 2018, countries from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) fell 10 points in reading and 15 points in mathematics, drops never before observed in Pisa. Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, with higher previous levels, are driving the fall.

In Latin America, Brazil is ahead of countries like Argentina, Panama and Guatemala in the mathematics assessment, which was the focus of the exam in 2022.

Singapore stands out in first place, with the highest score in the three areas of assessment. Other Asian countries such as Japan, Macau and Taiwan also take turns at the top of the ranking.

Countries with lower results show a change depending on the area of ​​knowledge. In mathematics, the last placed are El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Cambodia.

Understand the test

Pisa is an international assessment coordinated by the OECD. In Brazil, the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) carries out the application of Pisa and the results are published every 3 years.

Created in 2000, the test evaluates 15-year-olds, as this is the last point at which most children remain enrolled. According to the organizers, the test considers not only the students’ ability to reproduce the material learned, but also their ability to apply knowledge creatively in real-life contexts.

The test is administered in a single day, is done on computers, and lasts two hours. Each edition focuses on one of three areas of assessment, and in 2022 it was mathematics.

Source: CNN Brasil

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