Brazil still has potential for renewable energy generation, says expert

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Between January and April 2022, Brazil generated an average of 69,748 megawatts for the National Interconnected System of clean energy. Most of it was delivered by hydroelectric plants, in a volume 8.4% higher in the annual comparison.

Wind generation, which is already the third main source of energy in the country, produced an average of 6,505 megawatts, a growth of 7.5% in relation to the first four months of last year. Photovoltaic solar energy generated an average of 1,172 megawatts, an increase of 66.8% year-on-year.

“We have a much more positive 2022 than the previous year in terms of generation, because São Pedro was very good, 2021 was a very difficult period to work with, it was the worst month in the entire 90-year history, it was a big challenge, but we managed to make thermoelectric plants reduce generation and we were able to increase renewable sources”, explained the vice president of the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber, Talita Porto.

to CNN Radio , she assesses that, since 2015, there has been a “vertiginous growth” in clean energy, but “we still have great potential, as Brazil has sun, wind and water. The diversity of the matrix stems from the wealth that the country has.”

Talita stated that Brazil is still dependent on rain, although it has diversified its matrix with wind, solar and biomass energy, which helps. “But we still need thermoelectric plants, because wind, water and sun are not as controllable as the fuel in a thermoelectric plant.”

For the future, the CEE vice-president is betting on the modernization of the sector, which, according to her, “is a state project”: “It has been moving forward since 2016, today it has a PL414 that will possibly be transformed into law, which will promote the expansion of the free market, combination of reduction of subsidies in tariffs, the PL is broad and supported by all the agents of the sector”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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