Brazil: The “mastermind” of the murder of journalist Dom Phillips and expert Bruno Pereira identified

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The authorities in Brazil announced that they had identified the “mastermind” who ordered the murder of the 57-year-old Briton journalist Dom Phillips and 41-year-old indigenous expert Bruno Pereira.

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According to the Federal Police the investigation is “substantially complete” and considers that “by 90%” o Ruben da Silva Villar the “Colombiaordered the killing, said its head in Amazon State, Eduardo Fonte.

Ruben da Silva Vilar has been detained since December and is alleged to have been the head of a criminal organization of illegal fishing in the Yavari Valley, where the crimes were committed. Illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking have been on the rise in this isolated jungle region on the border between Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

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Bruno Pereira fought against illegal fishing on indigenous lands. In this valley live tribes that have never come into contact with the rest of the world. “Bruno’s control of illegal fishing dealt a significant blow to the criminal organization,” the police chief explained.

Indigenous leaders working with Bruno Pereira blamed “Colombia” from the start, claiming he ordered the killing because they had organized patrols and seized cargoes of illegal fish.

In addition to “Colombia”, three other men – two of them are brothers – are accused of participating in the murders or helping the perpetrators hide the bodies.

Dom Phillips, a freelance journalist who worked with the Guardian and the New York Times, was traveling with his friend Bruno Pereira, doing research for a book he intended to write called How to Save the Amazon.

Source: News Beast

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