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Brazil: Tour guide brutally murdered by two women – Cruel video

A 31-year-old tour guide from Brazil was brutally murdered by two women who attempted to rob him and stabbed him.

Specifically, in the early hours of Wednesday (4/1), 31-year-old Daniel Mascarenas da Silva, as he was returning from work in Rio de Janeiro, was approached by two women, who threatened him with a gun in order to hand over his bag to them.

The 31-year-old initially appeared to obey their threats, but a few seconds later he reacted. A fierce fight ensued, during which he was repeatedly stabbed by the two women. At some point in the video it appears that the fight stops and the 31-year-old leaves covered in blood. A little later he will return trying to get into a taxi apparently to take him to the hospital but it won’t let him in.

Finally, as reported by local media, the seriously injured 31-year-old tried to go to the hospital, but he cooled down a short time before arriving. He was found dead shortly after 2am outside the hospital.

The brutal attack was recorded by a security camera. As can be seen in the video, a man demanded and took the fatal knife from the women and then fled in an unknown direction. After a large mobilization of the police, the two women were arrested and charged with the murder of the unfortunate 31-year-old.

Source: News Beast

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