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Brazil will develop food cultivation in space in NASA project

O Brazil will develop ways to grow food outside planet Earth . According to the president of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), Marco Antônio Chamon, this is the contribution that the country is trying to make to the Artemis Project.

Created by NASA, the North American space agency, the program aims to establish a permanent base on the surface of the Moon. The proposal is that, from there, it will be possible to launch manned missions to Mars. A first expedition without astronauts that was part of the project was launched in 2022, and another, with crew, is scheduled for 2025.

“When you have a permanent base on the Moon, you won't be able to take all the things you need from Earth. You have to have local means of producing oxygen, energy and food”, explained Chamon, when talking about the problems that need to be solved. He participated in the webinar “Space Business and the Role of Brazil”.

“Brazil is trying to contribute to something in which it has a very large international role, agriculture,” said the president of the Brazilian Space Agency. According to Chamon, the technologies must be developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa).

“There is also an expectation that projects for food production in space can be used to improve agricultural practices on Earth,” added Chamon.

Source: CNN Brasil

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