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Brazil wins 17 gold medals at the French Cheese World Cup

O Brazil was one of the highlights at the 6th edition of the Mondial du Fromage et des Produits Laitiers (World Cheese and Dairy World Cup), a French competition that takes place every two years. In total, the international products competition distributed medals to 84 Brazilian cheeses and dairy products.

Between them, 17 received a gold medal , 23 silver and 44 bronze. In total, more than 900 medals were awarded to products from all over the world.

The number of medals won by Brazil represents a jump compared to the last edition: in 2021 there were 57 medals in total, with five in the super gold category and 11 gold.

The 2023 edition was held between the 10th and 12th of September in the city of Tours at the Loire Valley .

Around 250 judges analyzed 1,640 cheeses from different producers around the world. The competition evaluates the cheeses in the following categories: appearance, aromas, flavors, texture and balance .

According to the official website, the event is an opportunity to promote products, respect traditions, strive for excellence and demonstrate creativity and innovation.

Check out the Brazilian cheeses and dairy products awarded with Gold medals at the Mondial du Fromage 2023 and their respective producers below:

  • Barão Parmesão 9 months – Barão do Queijo Canastra
  • Fresh Buffalo Ricotta – Búfala Almeida Prado
  • Santa Brigite Silvania – Estancia Silvania
  • Valoro Silvania – Estancia Silvania
  • Blue Cheese from Mantiqueira – Laticínios Paiolzinho
  • Quark type cheese – Laticínios São João
  • Goa Cheese #14 – Goa Products
  • Aparecido cheese aged 12 months – Queijaria Alto da Aparecida
  • Aparecido cheese aged 18 months – Queijaria Alto da Aparecida
  • Aparecido cheese aged 24 months – Queijaria Alto da Aparecida
  • Caprinus do Lago – Capril do Lago
  • Alecrim – Queijaria Santa Vitória
  • Bálsamo – Queijaria Serra do Bálsamo
  • Maria Nunes Casca Florida Cheese 50 days – Maria Nunes Cheese
  • Traditional Quilombo Cheese from Serro 45-day smooth rind – Queijo Quilombo
  • Traditional Serro Quilombo Cheese aged over 100 days – Quilombo Cheese
  • Giovanna Cheese – Ribeiro Fiorentini

For a complete list of winners, access the official list of the contest.

Best cheese

Among the medalists of the international product competition, 12 cheeses were selected to be judged again.

Among them, one emerged as the best cheese in the competition: Époisses Berthaut Perrière from Fromagerie Berthaut, in the French village of Époisses, which received 119 points.

One of the finalists was the Brazilian Lake Caprinus from the Capril do Lago , cheese factory in Valença (RJ). The cheese came in 8th place with 107 points and was awarded a gold medal in the general competition.

Source: CNN Brasil

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