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Brazilcore, Barbiecore, Grandpacore: see the fashion niches created on TikTok

If you browse through TikTok and enjoy watching videos about fashion , maybe you have already come across some “core”. The dance social network is full of these ways of dressing that follow a proposal of their own style and end up creating several fashion philosophies and several virtual centers for those who like these styles.

This way of naming a fashion microtrend emerged even before the Chinese social network. In 2013, trend analysts at K-Hole, an American company, created the term Normcore, which refers to the look of those who do not want to stand out and want to be just one more in the crowd – a fashion philosophy adopted, for example, by Steve Jobs.

And why are these little fashion trends so popular on TikTok?

According to Rafa Lotto, a partner at the YouPix consultancy, TikTok is a social network based on content, that is, the algorithm is in charge, not the number of followers – so when we browse there, we are impacted content that the algorithm deems relevant based on what we normally watch, not videos made by our friends.

And that’s also why those who produce content for TikTok really want to discover the next trend that’s going to go viral. Thus, several small fashion trends for all tastes emerge.

The Popverse CNN a program by Mari Palma that airs from Monday to Friday on Youtube, TikTok and television, has prepared a list of some of these most curious trends for you to know:


You know that knitting vest that’s on the rise out there? It’s part of the aesthetic grandpacore, as well as taller socks, tailored pants and vintage-looking sweaters. The hashtag #grandpacore has over 13 million views on TikTok.


This microtrend brings fairy-inspired looks. They are more romantic fashion proposals, with lace, dresses and braids. The hashtag #fairycore has over 2 billion views on TikTok.


In these looks, pearls are the protagonists. They aren’t exactly new to the fashion world – Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe know that well. What is really new is that, now, those who produce looks with pearls can record a video “Arrume-se Comigo”. The hashtag #pearlcore has over 500k views on TikTok.


Straight from the courts of Roland Garros to TikTok. These looks are inspired by the looks of tennis players and players. Lots of pleated skirt and polo shirt. The hashtag #tenniscore has over 80k views on TikTok.


These fashion productions use the colors of Brazil in their looks. And, as cool as it is to see the aesthetics of our country being valued in the fashion world, it is important to reflect on whether we only consider trends because famous people are wearing these pieces.

The brazilcore aesthetic has always been used, for example, on the outskirts of our country, but it has not always been considered a reference in the fashion world.

Today, the hashtag #brazilcore has over 7 million views on TikTok.

Source: CNN Brasil

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