Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra opens panel at UN headquarters in New York

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Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra inaugurated a panel at the entrance of the United Nations building in New York, United States. There are 336 square meters of green and yellow colors, symbols of Brazil, in a mural that shows a father and a son holding the planet Earth, located in the center, full of trees.

“The idea is to show the responsibility we have, what we are doing with the planet and how we are going to deliver it to the next generations”, said the artist.

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Kobra said it is possible and necessary to have hope. He explained that he insisted on placing the Brazilian Amazon at the center of the picture, as he believes that the forest has to be one of the focuses of global concern.

“We need to have faith in things and hope for a better world, and this panel talks about just that”, pointed out the artist.

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“I hope that in some way this work can touch the minds and hearts of so many rulers who have the power to transform the world,” he added.

Source: CNN Brasil

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