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Brazilian fan who took the stage at Green Day says the band saved his life

23-year-old Bárbara Mattos’ passion for Green Day, who played at Rock in Rio on Friday (9), began in 2010 when a cousin introduced her to the band and immediately fell in love. “I listened to the entire discography that day and felt something different,” she told a fan in an interview with CNN .

In 2017, Bárbara went to the band’s Revolution Radio Tour show and also “took the grid”. This year, she says that she went to the hotel where they were staying and managed to meet the bassist and guitarist of Green Day. For her, this experience was a watershed, “I saw myself as a better and happier person after the experience of their concert.”

When she heard about the band’s coming to Rock in Rio, Bárbara says she was thrilled because she knew it would be an unforgettable show, and that’s why she insisted on buying the ticket right at the pre-sale, in December 2021. Since then, anxiety only was growing.

“I was already making several plans for the show, like, for example, going to a hotel, getting a grid, clothes for the show…everything, including my hair dyed green”, said the young woman, who is an English teacher.

In addition to these preparations, Bárbara did not want to wait alone, so with two months to go before the show, she began a countdown on her Twitter and Instagram account.

The plan to go to the hotel worked. On the Wednesday (7) before the show, she managed to meet all the band members in person. “When I saw Billie Joe in front of me I thought I was going to cry,” she exclaimed.

On the day of the show, Barbara arrived at the door of the city of rock at 6 am, the plan was to be first on the grid at the Green Day show. In addition to the planned look, hair, etc. She carried a Brazilian flag with the phrase “No racism, no facism, no sexism” (No to racism, no to fascism, no to sexism).

“Green Day has a strong political character on all albums, I couldn’t help but carry a flag with the message”.

At one point in the show, Barbara and her friends were holding the message and Billie asked them to give it to her, who then wrapped herself around the flag.

Bárbara really enjoyed the show, she was right at the front. But to be able to stay there, she went through several “perrengues”. But even the intense heat didn’t spoil the fun.

“By the time Know Your Enemy started playing, I was jumping around a lot, singing super loud so he would notice me, all my friends pointed at me and he asked me to come to him.”

When it came time to go on stage, she was very nervous. “I thought I was going to pass out, my heart was racing,” she said.

When she hugged the singer, Billie Joe, she said to him: “You saved my life” and started singing a lot.

Barbara said she can tell Billie all her feelings about the band.

“When I didn’t see happiness in the world, I couldn’t be happy, it was their music that helped me to follow… It became like therapy, they were present in my growth as a person, they are an inspiration for life”, explained the teacher.

When she left the stage, the band’s production team gave her two picks – which maybe turn into a tattoo, which will join the other three she already has in honor of the band.

“I still can’t explain this feeling, a million things went through my head, it feels like I’m dreaming”, said Bárbara, satisfied.

*under the supervision of Lucas Iotti

Source: CNN Brasil

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