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Brazilian grandmother is included on the list to leave the Gaza Strip, sources say

The grandmother of Shahed Al-Banna, an 18-year-old young man who is in the Gaza Strip with his family amid the war between Israel and Hamas, received authorization to leave the Palestinian territory, according to Itamaraty sources. CNN .

The name of the young woman’s grandmother did not appear in the first list released on Thursday (9), which included 33 Brazilians and family members authorized to cross the Rafah crossing, on the border between Gaza and Egypt.

According to sources, the Brazilians will travel this Friday (10) to Cairo, where a Brazilian Air Force plane is already waiting for them to fly back to Brazil.

Brazilian government sources reported that the exclusion of the grandmother may have been a “mere error”, and that “gestures and requests” to include her were being made.

The Brazilian government requested the repatriation of 34 civilians. The first list of Brazilians with dual nationality and Palestinians authorized to enter Brazil, with 33 names, was put forward by the analyst at CNN , Jussara Soares. Now, with Shahed Al-Banna’s grandmother, 34 people must leave Gaza and go to Brazil.

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Release after 7 lists

A CNN announced last Thursday (9) that the group of Brazilians had received authorization to leave the Gaza Strip.

After the information is released by CNNit was confirmed by Itamaraty, which, in a statement, stated that Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eli Cohen, “assured” minister Mauro Vieira “that Brazilians and their families will be on the list of foreigners.

Brazilian authorities are working with the Presidency of the Republic aircraft expected to leave Egypt heading for Brazil on Saturday (11).

The expectation is that disembarkation in Brasília will take place on Sunday morning (12). The itinerary includes three technical stops: Rome, in Italy; Las Palmas, in Spain; and Recife, in Brazil.

The group of Brazilians is divided between two Palestinian cities: 18 in the border city of Rafah, which connects the Gaza Strip to Egypt; and 16 in Khan Yunis.

In total, 594 people were included. The nationalities are:

  • U.S: 14 people
  • Canada: 266 people
  • Romania: 107 people
  • Indonesia: 6 peoples
  • Poland: 26 people
  • Brazil: 34 people
  • Russia: 85 people
  • India: 7 people
  • Albania: 14 people
  • China: 10 people
  • Denmark: 4 people
  • Germany: 6 peoples
  • Netherlands: 2 people
  • New Zealand: 12 people
  • Malaysia: 2 people.

To date, approximately 4,026 people have been allowed to leave the Gaza Strip:

  • 1st list : around 480 foreigners
  • 2nd list : 576 foreigners
  • 3rd list : 571 foreigners
  • 4th list : 599 foreigners
  • 5th list: 605 foreigners
  • 6th list: 601 foreigners
  • 7th list: there was no publicity
  • 8th list: 594 people.

Lula intends to receive Brazilians at the Brasília Air Base

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) intends to receive Brazilians coming from the Gaza Strip at the Brasília Air Base.

According to aides, Lula had already warned that he would make the gesture even before confirmation that Brazil will be on the list of countries authorized to repatriate its citizens to be released this Friday.

During the entire process of intense diplomatic negotiations so that the group could leave the region of conflict between Israel and Hamas, Lula made a point of speaking on the phone with the nationals who are in Gaza and committed to bringing them back to Brazil.

Lula also spoke to the presidents of Israel, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, as part of his government’s efforts to ensure that Brazilians could leave the region.

Source: CNN Brasil

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