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Brazilian man is arrested in the USA for performing plastic surgery without a license

A 51-year-old Brazilian, identified as Adley da Silva, was arrested in the United States for performing plastic surgeries without having the necessary licenses. At least four patients had serious problems after undergoing the procedures. He owned a beauty clinic in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

According to investigations, Silva only had a license to work as an assistant doctor and could not work as a surgeon. Still according to the corporation, there was no qualified surgeon present during the procedures carried out at the Brazilian’s clinic.

Silva’s wife, Kiomy Quintiana, 41, was also arrested. According to investigations, Kiomy, who also does not have a medical license, also performed procedures at the clinic and treated some of the patients who presented complications after undergoing surgery.

Two other clinic employees were arrested by the police: surgical technician Dianne Linda Millan, 52, and anesthetist Fermal Lee Simpson, 74, who, according to investigations, “participated in the botched surgeries knowing that there was no licensed surgeon on site.” . Another employee is on the run.

Port police. St. Lucie reports that it received the first complaints against the clinic, called Cosmetica Plastic Surgery, in May 2022. The establishment reportedly closed its activities last year.

Procedures cost almost R$125,000

According to investigations, the prices charged for procedures at the clinic varied between 6,800 and 22,900 dollars, which, in the current exchange rate of the North American currency, is equivalent to a range of R$37,000 to R$124,800.

Police say the clinic sold procedures such as “Brazilian butt lift,” “360 liposuction,” and breast augmentation.

The surgeries that presented problems and were the subject of the investigation took place between 2021 and 2022. According to the investigations, the patients developed necrosis after undergoing the procedures.

“My goal is to always offer the latest technique/technology and phenomenal natural results for each patient”, says the Brazilian’s profile on a social network.

A CNN tries to locate Adley da Silva’s defense.

(Published by Fábio Munhoz)

Source: CNN Brasil

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