Brazilian mental health is not good, emotional education is lacking, says psychologist

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January is awareness month for mental and emotional health care, with the campaign known as White January, created by psychologist Leonardo Abrahão, in 2014.

In an interview with CNN Radio he explained that the initiative is important to draw attention to the matter.

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“We have to think in a multidimensional way, Brazilian health is not cool, it is a fact”, he said.

He recalls that the World Health Organization has validated data saying that Brazil is the population with “the most anxiety in the world”, in addition to being among the five most depressed peoples in the Americas.

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The explanations, according to the psychologist, go through a series of reasons.

Leonardo believes that “there has never been emotional and sentimental education” and this generates “emotional illiteracy”, to recognize concepts such as what sincere happiness is.

Added to this, “Brazilian society is one of the most unfair and unequal in the world”, which generates extra pressure on the general population.

The psychologist sees a lack of “psychoeducation” and a project to bring information to people, “which is what Janeiro Branco seeks to do.”

He assesses that these two factors are capable of making people observe signs and seek alternatives to alleviate mental health.

“Each person has a rhythm, biotype, amount of hours of sleep needed to be functional, relationship with food, drinks, sex, religion, all the circumstances of life”, he pondered.

What works for everyone, according to him, is “trying to find mechanisms”, which can be therapeutic practices, cooking, gardening, meditation, drawing, arts, and, if that is not enough, psychologists and social workers to provide professional assistance.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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