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Brazilian Mining Institute says it “monitors” situation at Braskem mine

The Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM) issued a statement this Saturday (2) about the sinking of soil in a Braskem mine in Maceió (AL). The company is not associated with IBRAM.

“IBRAM makes its entire technical archive available to Braskem and other authorities and bodies involved, in order to help them evaluate measures aimed at overcoming this situation as quickly as possible”, says the note.

In the material, the Institute also celebrated the fact that “it was possible to shelter people before something more serious could occur in the locality”. IBRAM asked that collaboration between the company and public bodies continue, so that there is no “greater damage to people and the environment”.

“IBRAM and associated mining companies have been working for years to make the sector increasingly safe, sustainable and responsible and with this determination they act to adopt the best ESG practices (related to environmental, social management and governance), including internalizing established techniques internationally”, he adds.

The Federal Government recognized an emergency situation in Maceió, but has not yet sent resources to the region affected by the risk of collapse of a Braskem mine.

The Ministry of Integration and Regional Development stated that it is awaiting a work plan drawn up by the city of Maceió to define how much and when the amounts will be released.

In a statement, Braskem informed that the situation has been intensifying and that all appropriate measures are being taken to reduce the impact.

The company also reinforced that it continues to monitor and share real-time monitoring data with the competent authorities.

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*Published by Danilo Moliterno.

Source: CNN Brasil

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