Brazilian politician proposes to allow workers to receive salaries in cryptocurrencies

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The deputy leader of the Republican Party of Brazil, Luizao Goulart, has submitted to the authorities a bill that will allow employees to ask their employer for a salary in cryptocurrency.

Luizão Goulart’s bill states that workers will be able to
receive salary in cryptocurrency only by mutual agreement between the employee and the employer.

“The percentage of the salary received in cryptocurrency will be agreed with the employee. Any imposition by the employer will be prohibited. ”

The politician pays attention to the evolution of the financial system, which has come a long way from barter to fiat money and cryptocurrencies. He emphasizes that cryptocurrencies provide decentralization, which “removes dependence on one person or a central organization.”

If the bill is passed, it will be allowed to establish an agreement between employees and employers what percentage of the salary is paid in cryptocurrency. According to the deputy, the bill will establish cooperation between the federal government and local governments of states and municipalities to solve the monetary problem. The bill, on the one hand, offers an alternative to the remuneration of workers, and on the other hand, it promotes the country’s market economy.

According to Goulart, the implementation of the law will ensure the creation of “a global economy that will improve the quality of life for all citizens. While introducing cryptocurrency into the economy, Brazil does not disregard its regulation.

In early October, the country decided to tighten its penalties for cryptocurrency fraud. The new bill discusses increasing fines and prison terms for cryptocurrency fraud. In September, the Brazilian regulator said they would end the anonymity of cryptocurrencies. In the same month, information appeared that Brazil invited the Visa payment company to help in introducing cryptocurrencies into the country’s banking system.

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