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Brazilian sentenced to life imprisonment escapes from jail in the USA; government offers reward

the brazilian Danilo Cavalcante 34 years old, sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing and killing his ex-girlfriend, escaped, on Thursday (31), from a prison in the city of Chester, in the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States.

The county government issued a statement via a social network and said he had escaped at approximately 8:50 am and was wearing a white shirt, gray shorts and white sneakers. In addition, they are offering a reward of US$10,000, equivalent to R$49,500, for information leading to Danilo Cavalcante.

According to the agency, detectives and the Pennsylvania State Police are conducting a search with helicopters and dogs throughout the territory while prison authorities conduct an internal investigation.

The Public Ministry of the city defined Danilo as “an extremely dangerous man”.

The crime committed by the Brazilian took place in April 2021 and the conviction for 1st degree murder was on August 16 of this year, according to the government publication.

In addition, the note also states that Danilo is wanted for a murder that occurred in 2017 in Brazil.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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