Brazilian spent R$14,000 to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London

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Brazilian Alberto Mendes, 18, traveled from Rio Grande do Norte to London, England, to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for 70 years and died on September 8.

His passion for the monarchy began at age 8, when he found at home an old magazine whose cover was the monarch. In an interview with CNN he says that he asked his father who was that “so beautiful” woman.

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Impressed by the queen’s beauty, he went on to watch movies, documentaries, and follow the family on Instagram and Facebook. “I started to consume the contents that spoke about her.”

Alberto says that on the day of the monarch’s death he was out of the house and spent the day without a phone. The one who told him about what had happened was his cousin. The young man says he was very shaken and could not believe the news.

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“When all that happened, I thought if I wasn’t at least going to say goodbye to the queen, this would be a great frustration for my life”. It was at that moment that Alberto began to move to make the dream come true. “I wanted to participate and experience it all with the British.”

When he went to see the tickets, he found a new challenge “prices had skyrocketed. From R$ 2 thousand it had gone to almost R$ 10 thousand”. But that didn’t make the young man give up. “I wanted to say one last goodbye.”

Albert had already planned to go to London twice: for the Queen’s 96th birthday or for the Platinum Jubilee. In neither of the two dates he made it, but he had already started saving for the event. With the help of his father, who paid the expenses in installments on the card, and with the help of his acquaintances, he was able to fulfill his dream.

In London, he faced hours of queues, met people from many countries and managed to be sure of the great symbolism of the monarchy and the importance of the queen for many. “She was not just the queen of the British, she was the queen of the world, everyone knew, liked and sympathized with her.”

About the continuity of the monarchy, Alberto opines: “Charles III is creating a bridge between his mother and the next king, who will be William. I hope people support him, that he can carry on his mother’s legacy.”

Finally, Alberto recognized the help he had to make his dream come true. “Friends, colleagues, teachers and family were the main base for me to go to London.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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