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Brazilians and family members from the south of the Gaza Strip arrive at the Rafah border

All 34 Brazilians and family members in the Gaza Strip who asked the Brazilian government to be repatriated are already in front of the Rafah gate, on the border with Egypt, and are awaiting permission to leave the Palestinian territory this Friday (10).

A group of 18 Brazilians and family members were already in the border city of Rafah. Another 16 people from Khan Yunis, a city in southern Gaza, traveled by bus to the border this Friday.

Hasan Rabee, one of the people on the bus from Khan Yunis, posted images of his journey to the opening of the border gates on social media. In a video obtained by CNN Rabee says while traveling on the bus.

Rabee, since the beginning of the war, has reported on the daily lives of the people of Gaza during the escalation of the war.

On the same Instagram profile, the Brazilian published a photo at 2:56 am (Brasília time) this Friday stating that the group is “waiting for the opening to continue the trip”.

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The first list of Brazilians with dual nationality and Palestinians authorized to enter Brazil, with 34 names, was put forward by the analyst at CNN , Jussara Soares. Brazilians face a long wait to leave Gaza amid the war between Israel and Hamas.

After leaving, the group will travel 55 km overland until reaching Al-Arish airport, in Egypt. It is in this place where an aircraft from the Presidency of the Republic is already waiting for Brazilians, in Cairo, to make the trip back to Brazil.

In addition to humanitarian supplies, the plane is manned with a doctor, nurse and psychologist who will help everyone. The expectation is that the first flight with repatriates from Gaza will arrive in Brazil next Sunday (12).

Check out the step-by-step guide for Brazilians leaving the Gaza Strip.

Lula intends to receive Brazilians at the Brasília Air Base

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) intends to receive Brazilians coming from the Gaza Strip at the Brasília Air Base.

According to aides, Lula had already warned that he would make the gesture even before confirmation that Brazil will be on the list of countries authorized to repatriate its citizens to be released this Friday.

During the entire process of intense diplomatic negotiations so that the group could leave the region of conflict between Israel and Hamas, Lula made a point of speaking on the phone with the nationals who are in Gaza and committed to bringing them back to Brazil.

Lula also spoke to the presidents of Israel, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, as part of his government’s efforts to ensure that Brazilians could leave the region.

(Published by Gustavo Zanfer, with information from Jussara Soares)

Source: CNN Brasil

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