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Brazilians play and compete for R$4.4 billion in the US Mega Millions lottery

A Mega Millionsthe biggest lottery in the world, accumulated again and the prize reached the impressive amount of US$875 million – equivalent to nothing more, nothing less than R$4.4 billion ! The next draw will take place this Tuesday, the day March 19th .

A Mega Millions He has made so many dreams come true and changed so many lives that it is difficult to name the most impressive story. With a prize like this, you don't have to choose which part of your life to change or improve: you can basically do whatever you want – buy cars, houses, travel, retire early, help family and friends and still have money left over. investments! Have you thought?

Although Mega Millions is an American lottery, participation for Brazilians is easier than it seems! This is all thanks to reliable and safe platforms, such as TheLotterwho make the American dream possible, without even leaving home.

TheLotter platform has already distributed more than 125 million in lottery prizes for more than 9 million winning tickets and has exciting success stories, such as that of AD, a lucky woman from Panama who won US$30 million playing the Florida lottery.

Have you ever thought about what you would do with that money in your pocket?

How to participate in Mega Millions without leaving Brazil?

To play, just have a device with internet access. See how simple it is to participate:

  1. Enter the page Mega Millions at TheLotter.
  2. Select five main numbers and one additional number.
  3. Create a free account – if you don't already have one – and confirm your purchase.

Once your request is confirmed, the team of local agents at TheLotter in the United States will take care of purchasing the official Mega Millions ticket on your behalf. Not only do they manage the entire process, but they also provide a scanned copy directly to your personal account, guaranteeing your participation in this exciting draw. Ready! Now just hope that luck knocks on your door!

PWhy choose TheLotter?

A TheLotter, present in more than 20 countries, in addition to offering convenient access to Mega Millions, reassures its customers with a refund policy if the experience does not meet expectations. Furthermore, the portal provides a Customer Service service, in Portuguese, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is it legal to play Mega Millions while in Brazil?

Yes, it's totally cool! American legislation allows foreigners to participate in lotteries. Let us explain: just as a tourist who buys a lottery ticket in a physical store in the United States can redeem their prizes without any problems, a player who purchases their tickets online TheLotter You are fully entitled to receive your prizes.

Play now!

Have you ever imagined the possibility of achieving a fortune worth more than R$4.4 billion without leaving the comfort of your home? Mega Millions will be drawn US$875 million in day March 19th ! Don't miss this chance, play online with TheLotter today and guarantee your place in this incredible race for fortune!

“The Lottery.com is operated by a third party, and this content was not prepared and has no interference or responsibility associated with CNN Brasil and/or any of its controlling companies.”

A Lotto Direct Limited operates thelotter.com. Lotto Direct Limited is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority . License reference MGA/CRP/402/2017. 18+. Gaming can be harmful if left uncontrolled. Play responsibly. For more information access https://www.rgf.org.mt/

Source: CNN Brasil

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