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Brazilians spend, on average, BRL 44,000 on wedding parties, says research

Brazilians spend, on average, BRL 44,000 on wedding parties, according to the “Global Wedding Report 2023” survey. According to the survey, the time to organize the events usually lasts from ten to 11 months.

Among the 15 countries that were analyzed, Brazil is in 10th place in average spending on the party. The first position is occupied by the United States, with R$ 147 thousand. Next come the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, all with an average of R$ 112 thousand.

Regarding the time taken to organize the party, the United States and the United Kingdom lead the list. In these countries, couples usually take 15 to 16 months to complete the preparations. In India, on the other hand, the average time is five to six months.

According to the survey, wedding parties in Brazil receive, on average, 125 guests. This type of party usually has more people in India. There, the average is 285 people. In the United Kingdom and Colombia, on the other hand, events are leaner, with an average of 81 and 76 guests, respectively.

How the couples met

In Brazil, 24% of couples met through mutual friends. In Italy, this percentage rises to 33%, while in Spain it is 31%.

In Peru, 33% of couples met at work. In Mexico, this percentage is 23%.

In the United States, 32% of people who got married met on the internet. In Canada and the United Kingdom, the percentages are 32% and 30%, respectively.

living together

Approximately 41% of Brazilian couples already lived together before making the union official. The percentage is low compared to European countries.

In Spain and France, for example, 91% of couples already shared the same roof when they decided to formalize their marriage. In the United Kingdom, the percentage is 90%.

preferred months

In Brazil, the most popular month for marriage proposals is December (15%). For the parties, however, November is the bride and groom’s favorite, with 12%.

In other countries around the world, the last month of the year is also what concentrates most marriage proposals, such as the United States (15%), Canada (19%), Mexico (17%) and Chile (15%).

For holding the party, however, preferences change according to the location. In the USA, for example, the majority (20%) prefer to get married in October. In the United Kingdom, the months of August and September are ahead (15%).

“Weddings reach their peak where the weather is more favorable, with the end of summer being the most popular moment in European countries”, says the organization of the research.


The research also shows how some traditions are treated. In Brazil, the most common of these is the bride throwing the bouquet, something that happens in 80% of the parties. Among the participating countries, this practice is only more popular in Mexico and Peru, with 83% each.

The first dance among newlyweds takes place in 55% of weddings in Brazil, and the cutting of the cake in 39%.


Based on data collected by “The Knot Worldwide”, the “Global Wedding Report 2023” analyzed weddings from 15 countries throughout the year 2022. In all, more than 25 thousand people were heard.

Marriages were analyzed in: United States, Canada, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, India, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

Source: CNN Brasil

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