Breathable fabric and padded armrests: AeroCool CROWN AeroWeave review

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It is difficult for me to imagine a modern person who does not work at a computer, and in some spheres in front of the monitor you have to spend the whole working day (8-10 hours in a row). And although the demand for computer chairs in the current realities, unsurprisingly, is incredibly high, a strange dilemma arises – ordinary office chairs do not provide the necessary support and comfort, and “thoroughbred” gaming models look too pretentious and bright, and are too expensive. And for those looking to get the best out of both worlds, AeroCool has released the CROWN AeroWeave, a solid gaming chair that’s also great for non-gamers.

30 minutes and you can test

A little advice – if you order home delivery, be sure to door-to-door. The fact is that a chair in a box with all the junk weighs under 20 kilograms, and it’s not very difficult in reality, but it will be problematic to drag such a bulky box from the entrance to the apartment alone. But the assembly process is extremely simple and intuitive – even if you are assembling the chair for the first time, it will take half an hour in the worst case (an hour if distracted by our TikTok). And there is no need to take out a suitcase with tools either, because everything you need is included in the package, plus additional screws of each size.

Seat comfort, ventilation and armrests

After making sure that my weight passes the limit mark (the maximum allowable weight is 150 kg), I got into the CROWN AeroWeave and decided to play a couple of matches in Dota 2 to test the instrument in the field. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pleasure from the game itself, but I immediately noticed a couple of positive aspects. Firstly, thanks to the fabric upholstery (a special breathable fabric that is resistant to wear and tear), even in very nervous matches, nothing sweats and there is no discomfort from the rise in temperature. For gamers and those who just work on a computer for a long time in the winter near the battery or on hot summer days, this is a very important moment.

Secondly, I liked the relatively tight padding of the seat and the maximum lumbar comfort. I don’t know about you, but chairs in which the pillow is too soft are not very suitable for me – you literally fall into it. For this model, the manufacturer chose the “golden mean”, when the seat under the heel is sufficiently elastic, so that it is comfortable to sit, but not so much as to cause discomfort. There is also lateral support at the lumbar level and an additional pillow, which is responsible for the same task. But the “bucket” at shoulder level seemed to me not bent enough, you should not expect a firm fixation from it.

And thirdly, armrests with soft cushions made of the same material as the main upholstery of the chair turned out to be an insanely comfortable solution. My tabletop is relatively shallow, so when playing or typing, my elbows constantly hang down – this is uncomfortable. The armrests of the chair perfectly solve this problem, but they are usually assembled from hard plastic, which corny presses on the elbows. Here, the upper armrests are covered with a relatively soft material that works as a cushion for the elbows, bringing only comfort with pleasure. It is strange that there are not so many chairs with a similar solution on the market.

In addition, the armrests can be adjusted in two directions – height and angle of rotation relative to the user. To be honest, I could not think of a scenario in which the rotated armrests can increase the level of comfort – during work it is much more pleasant to hold them in their original position, then the elbows rest on a large area of ​​the padded panel. But adjusting the height, of course, is a very pleasant thing, but do not forget that the chair can move under the tabletop – in the last position, not every table can cope with this.

Ultimate relaxation in the workplace

Under the user’s right hand, you can find a special lever, pulling which you can tilt the back of the chair back – somewhat reminiscent of a similar lever in a car. This is a cool feature when watching movies or TV shows, when you want to relax a little, lean back and watch the next part of Fast and the Furious at maximum relaxation. Another thing is that working or playing on a reclined chair will not be very comfortable – reaching too far for the mouse. There’s also the option to activate rocking to save money on buying a rocking chair.

The trick is not new, because there is swaying on almost all more or less high-quality chairs, and it is also aimed at relaxation – for example, if you are an active person and calmly watch a movie without unnecessary gestures, you simply cannot. Of course, the possibility of raising the chair or lowering it is also available – under the seat on the right you can feel a lever, pulling which up the chair on the mechanism will drop down all the way (lift the chair back with the same manipulations).

Nothing is perfect

During the tests, it was found that sitting behind a chair with a height of over 1.8 meters is not very comfortable – the “bucket”, as mentioned earlier, is not sufficiently arched, so there is practically no support for the body above the waist, especially if your height is a little more country standard. In addition, the pillow under the head is too flat to perform its task even by a C – you can, of course, attach the back of your head to it, but to get the necessary support for the cervical spine, you literally need to press yourself into a chair or tilt your head back. However, the same problem is observed on almost any chair – a pillow under the head looks like a nice bonus that few people use.

The hit parade of controversial decisions is completed by a lumbar pillow without straps – you cannot raise it higher using standard methods. Of course, it is quite comfortable in the basic position and does not cause any questions, but if you want to raise it for more comfort, you will literally have to make the belts yourself. Why not add even the simplest mechanism is a mystery. And of course the breathable fabric is very nice and cool, but just like with car interiors, the leather always looks richer.

Final opinion

I can say with confidence that this is an excellent solution for those who want a comfortable computer chair home made of practical materials, which will not be too cartoonish and on which you will not sweat unnecessarily in the process of active work. On the other hand, the AeroCool CROWN AeroWeave does not provide the same flexibility of adjustments as the flagship models, it does not look as expensive and luxurious as its counterparts made of leather or other stylish materials, and the fit for tall people is far from ideal. Whether it is worth turning a blind eye to these shortcomings, taking into account the very adequate cost, strength and quality, is a matter of a particular case and a buyer.

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✅ Benefits:

  • easy fast assembly;
  • pleasant breathable fabric;
  • dense padding of the seat;
  • high lumbar comfort;
  • soft armrests with adjustment function;
  • you can lean back or sway;
  • quality stitching.

❌ Disadvantages:

  • uncomfortable fit with a height of more than 1.8 meters;
  • insufficient shoulder support;
  • a pillow under your head for a tick;
  • the lumbar pillow cannot be raised higher.

⚠️ May not like:

  • a priori fabric looks cheaper than leather.

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