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Breathtaking video of the rescue of a little girl who was hanging 21 meters Neighbors’ heroic efforts

A video captures the shocking moments as neighborhood heroes rescue a little girl hanging 21 meters in the air from a fifth-floor apartment window in China. The little girl was left hanging helplessly by her neck from the safety bars of an apartment building in Chongqing, in the south-central country.

In images from the rescue, the child, who appears to be around four or five years old and is wearing a pink dress, tries to free himself with his hands as a neighbor climbs the facade of the building to reach him.

As he approaches, and with the situation becoming more dangerous by the second, others set up a makeshift safety net by spreading a blanket, preparing for the worst, as another resident climbs into the building to help.

One of the men tries to help the girl downstairs as the other neighbor approaches.

Fortunately, despite the rain, they were able to free her and carefully guide her back through the window to safety without the child suffering serious injuries, according to the Daily Mail.

The owner of the shop next door, Mr. Chen, was one of the men who helped during the ordeal, which took place on the morning of August 25.

He told local media that the rescue lasted about ten minutes from the first time they saw the girl.

The parents had reportedly gone out to buy vegetables, leaving the child alone at home.

Source: News Beast

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