Brewery Island: Prepares the new factory in Corinth

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Of George Lampiris

The permission to establish a beer production unit was given just a few days ago to the Microbrewery of Cyclades based in Tinos, better known as Nisos, the deputy governor of Corinth. The unit under construction is located at Livadi Kaisari in the municipality of Sikyonia, Corinth.

This is an investment, which will enhance the productive dynamics of the microbrewery based on the island of Cyclades, in order to be able to more effectively serve the demand for its products.

Alexandros Kouris: After 8 months we got the installation permit for the new factory

As the head of the Island, Alexandros Kouris, stated about the new installation, “after 8 months we got the installation permit for the new factory. It is a project that we have included in the development law, but the coronavirus delayed us.

It will be a special brewery for the beer data. It will be the greenest and most environmentally friendly brewery that currently exists. We do not dream of becoming a large brewery, but to remain a microbrewery that leads the developments of microbrewery in the world “.

Cooperation with the Cypriot KEO – New collaborations are imminent

It is noted that the Island, in order to strengthen its production dynamics, had proceeded in 2021 in cooperation with the Cypriot beer production company KEO, which is an independent brewery based in Megalonisos. The purpose of this move was the production of lager beer in a box, which was brought to the market by Nisos.

“We made this move, since we did not have a box line at our disposal and we proceeded to a collaboration where we agreed to take our box out to Cyprus.

“We consider it a right decision because the collaborations between independent companies are very important, while other such collaborations are imminent”, said Mr. Kouris. At the same time, the distribution of the company’s portfolio is under the umbrella of the alcohol company, Ambix.

Certification of beer bioactivity characteristics

At the same time, Nisos took the first step in the Greek market, in order to highlight the bioactivity characteristics of beer for the benefit of human health and well-being. In this context, it acquired Foodoxys’s European AFQ quality certification mark for five of its beers.

The founders of the company, Maya Tsokli and Alexandros Kouris, saw the opportunity to open a way in the domestic beer market, through this movement, if one considers that the turnover of beer in Greece amounts to 1 billion euros per year.

Respectively, wine – red is also promoted for its bioactive characteristics – circulates in Greece around 390 million euros per year.

The 5 Island beers were subjected to specific control protocols, to which each product is subjected according to the AFQ certification regulation.

This regulation concerns the assessment of the ability of the composition of beers, to neutralize a number of synthetic and natural free radicals. At the same time, the ability to protect DNA from fragments that can lead to mutations was tested.

Specifically, Greek Island Pilsner was rated 16/20, All Day Organic Island 17/20, Tholi Island 7 Beaufort Island 19/20. Regarding Apocalypse Island, it received a score of 20/20, demonstrating the maximum bioactivity based on the biochemical protocols to which it was submitted.

Source: Capital

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