Bride and groom change their gourmet wedding dinner for delicious pizzas and their idea goes viral

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It is increasingly common for the bride and groom to resort to new ideas to counteract the excessive expenses that accumulate at weddings. Such is the case of a couple who decided not to serve their guests an expensive dinner gourmet.

Instead, they ordered delicious pizzas to enjoy a relaxed dinner, making their celebration a very original event. This idea has been very well received by Internet users, filling the publication with positive comments.

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A wedding couple showed us that with a little ingenuity, it is possible to save a fortune when it comes to celebrating at a wedding, since they ordered 68 pizzas to feed their guests instead of hiring a very expensive catering for weddings.

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In a video posted by the Instagram account @quecocinashow we can see the moment a young man transports the huge order of pizzas from the Little Caesars company on a little dolly to deliver it to the wedding.

Already at the party, the waiters are seen distributing the pieces of pizza to the guests on elegant plates. We cannot deny that this can be a good option, especially if in any of your events you have had to pay for expensive dishes that turn out to be as bizarre as they are tasteless.

Apart from the couple, the users of the networks were the happiest with this idea, since they affirm that dishes like this should be normalized at weddings, instead of a boring stuffed chicken breast.

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Source: Okchicas

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