Bride and groom charge their guests more than $540 to attend their wedding

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The requests and demands of some brides who are about to get married sometimes border on the absurd and preposterous. It seems that the stress of the wedding causes them, in a certain way, to begin to lose their reason.

We have known different cases in which we did not believe what had happened. Precisely, today you will learn the story of a bride who decided that her guests should pay $550 to attend her wedding.

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This story was shared by a Reddit user, who assured that the bride-to-be and she had been very close in college, but that things changed when her friend got engaged, since the woman decided to end their friendship, claiming that she only wanted to be friends with people who are already engaged or married.

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This is how two years passed, in which he no longer had any kind of contact with her until he found out, via email, that his former friend was getting married, curiously, he was inviting her to her wedding.

some bride and groom making their triumphant entrance to the room where their wedding reception will be held, there are cascades of fireworks around them and a red carpet

Today I received an email that I thought was ‘spam’. Turns out it was a wedding invitation, not from her personally, but from her coordinator inviting me to her wedding. At the end of the invitation, there was a bill for $400 to pay for the venue, plus $150 for food.

I know that this varies from one country to another, but in my country it is the couple or perhaps their families who pay for the place and the food. Not random people you don’t talk to.

some bride and groom looking straight at each other and smiling are at their reception accompanied by their guests she wears her hair up in a bun and she has blonde hair

According to the addresses that appeared in the sent bar, the guest could see that, apparently, the same email had been sent to 20 other people. The girl couldn’t believe how someone could have the courage of such nonsense, especially with people with whom she no longer maintains a close relationship.

After I declined their coordinator, the girlfriend still messaged me asking why I didn’t accept the invite. I only told him that it was impossible for me to finance that. And she didn’t say anything to me anymore. But no… you can’t harvest and get fruit from a tree you never watered. Now I know what they mean when they say that weddings bring out the worst in people.

English text from a post by a Reddit user

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