Bride designs her own dress so her husband, who is blind, can feel it at their wedding

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Weddings are always parties full of love and joy, where love and respect between two people is celebrated. Every wedding, without exception, is perfect if it is between two people who really love each other. Sometimes this love reaches new levels and stories emerge on the internet that make our inner romantic child come to light.

Paralympic athlete Anthony Ferraro’s wife, Kelly Anne Ferraro, had the sweetest gesture that shows how much love there is between her and her husband by opting for a textured wedding dress so that Anthony, who is blind, could feel the beauty of her look nuptial on their wedding day, held on October 2.

He felt how it looked

In order for Anthony to experience “seeing” her in her beautiful wedding dress, Kelly Anne surprised him by opting for a tactile gown with textured cotton and lace flower embroidery.

I have said that [Kelly Anne] It is like my eyes in the world, but having had a dress made especially so that I could feel and touch it meant everything to me. I could feel it. I could feel that she looked beautiful.

Unforgettable sensations

Kelly Anne took inspiration for this very special dress from the outfit she wore on her first date with Anthony. In addition, it is not the first time that Kelly Anne adjusts her outfits to Anthony’s needs. In the premiere of the documentary A Shot in the Dark, which tells the story of Anthony’s life as a blind athlete, Kelly Anne chose a velvet dress specifically so that Anthony could feel it. When she was planning all the details for her dress, purchased at the Loulette Bride boutique in Brooklyn, she knew immediately that she wanted to incorporate the same type of fabrics that were pleasant to the touch.

[El vestido] it had a velvet fringe around it, as well as lace details. Soft cotton woven flowers. Even the back of the dress was textured. As if that weren’t enough, he surprised me with an amazing sent-to-do jacket that he put on later and had fringes hanging down his arms. It reminded me of our first date.

“She looked like an angel”

It is impossible that a detail of this type, which reflects so much love, does not move us completely. If this is the case for us, imagine how Anthony felt.

When she arrived with me, she put my hands on her dress. I was completely shocked and started crying. Tactile sensations are very important to me, they create an image of what someone looks like in my head. Kelly looked like an angel.

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