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“Bridgerton”: actor who plays Benedict clarifies the character’s sexuality

Luke Thompson interpreter of Benedict in “Bridgerton” spoke in a new interview about his character’s sexuality in the series, explored a little more in the final episodes of the third season on Netflix.

Like the fans, Luke Thompson said he was curious about how the character would behave in relation to his future romantic relationships. “It was always part of the writing that Benedict felt a little curious about his desires, rather than certain about what he wants and is looking for,” he said, in an interview with Bustle.

Luke then reflected more on how he sees the character’s sexuality at the current moment in the story.

“He seems to approach his feelings in a spirit of curiosity. There’s very little angst about it. It’s refreshing to see someone face this side of themselves without worrying about who they are and what it means,” he commented.

According to the actor, Benedict is closer to pansexuality in terms of sexual orientation, that is, he is a person who has sexual attraction regardless of gender identity.

“In our modern terms, I believe the closest Benedict is to something like pansexuality, as he is attracted to the way someone thinks and feels, regardless of gender. That’s a word that could be used. But what’s refreshing about it, certainly in the way it’s being discovered at the moment, is that there’s a sense of labellessness about it,” he reflected.

In the interview, Luke Thompson also gave his opinion on the change in Francesca’s love interest in relation to Julia Quinn’s books (from which the series is inspired). The change was among the most talked about topics on social media.

“Accepting positive, happy queer love stories [que não são] just about angst or tragedy or things going wrong, it’s a really lovely thing,” he concluded.

Focused mainly on the romance between Penelope and Colin, the third season of “Bridgerton” is available on Netflix. See photos of the cast in the image gallery:

Source: CNN Brasil

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