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“Bridgerton” actors react to fans who hope for real-life romance

Now it's the turn of the love story between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) to be told in the series “Bridgerton” – the first part of the 3rd season premieres this Thursday (16), and the second part will be released on June 13th.

A CNN spoke to the actors who play the couple and they said that they had already noticed the public rooting for the characters since the 1st season. Especially because anyone who read the book series “The Bridgertons”, the work on which the series was based, already knew that the romance would happen.

For this reason, any interaction between Pen and Colin became an “edit” on TikTok or YouTube, and, yes, Nicola and Luke watched several.

“It’s very exciting”, praises the actress. “We often send it to each other. We are very silly, we think it is very cute.”

“And sometimes they are strangely accurate in predicting the future of the series”, highlights Luke. “It's just cool to know that since day one we've been seeing these 'edits' and now, knowing how the series really is, and having lived this experience… It's been crazy.”

It was really difficult to keep a secret, Nicola confides. “And we have to save it because it’s our job too. But the fans ask: 'Please say something'. And I'm like, 'God, I can't wait.'”

Romance in fiction… but what about in real life?

There are fans who “ship” Polin, as the couple Penelope and Colin call them. But there are those who also hope for a real-life romance between the actors. What do they think of this?

“I guess that means we did a good job on screen,” laughs Nicola. “So let’s pat ourselves on the back.”

Hot scenes

Whether in literature or audiovisual, “Bridgerton” is also known for its sex scenes. According to Nicola and Luke, it is definitely easier to play them when there is a friendship with their co-star, as is the case with both of them.

“It kind of makes you feel safer, I guess,” reflects Luke, who also revealed that the two laughed a lot while recording the characters' intimacy.

Nicola explains that they both managed to find the right moments to be serious and those where it was possible to be playful, and in the end it was a good experience.

“I really loved filming these scenes, which I didn't think I would say one day”, guarantees the actress. “We had a lot of freedom to do what we wanted to do and I think that’s important because it’s very intimidating.”

She describes that there was no choreography like a dance to follow, but points that needed to be done and that they could reach them following their own rhythm.

Visit to Brazil

Nicola visited Brazil in 2023 to participate in Netflix's “Tudum” event, but is there a possibility of her and Luke visiting the country?

“We would be there in a second if they invited us”, assures Nicola.

“Never know. Maybe so, I hope there will be a trip in the near future”, says Luke. “We have no idea what the plans are at the moment, but we are excited.”

The actor also says that Nicola told him about how welcome she felt during her visit and she praises her fans: “Brazilian fans are on another level of incredible. They really are.”

As a farewell, they sent a message to all their admirers:

“Hello, everyone in Brazil. Many thanks for your support. I can't wait to visit. I’m sure we’ll both be there,” says Newton.

“We want to come to you. Prepare the cheese bread. And the caipirinhas, please”, asks Nicola.

Check out the full interview:

Source: CNN Brasil

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