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“Bridgerton”: Discover the differences between the books and the series

The first part of the 3rd season of “Bridgerton” premiered this Thursday (16) on Netflix. Based on the books “The Bridgertons”, by writer Julia Quinn, the series changes some information to become more attractive in the audiovisual format.

Adaptations tend to displease fans — of any franchise — and “Bridgerton” is no different. This season the production follows the development of the romance between the characters Penelope and Colin.

What are the main differences between the series and the “Bridgerton” book?

Some characters of audiovisual production do not exist in the books, such as Prince Friedrich, the milliner Genevieve Delacroix and the opera singer Siena Russo. These names are placed in the Netflix series to increase the number of conflicts and tensions.

If the literary work were followed, the Queen Charlotte would only appear in the third season, as his story is only developed in the book “A Perfect Gentleman”.

With the inclusion of her character, the casting choice brought diversity for the production — since the monarch is a black woman —, differing from the descriptions in the book. Furthermore, the protagonist of the second season, Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), is also a racialized woman, who in the story came from India to England.

The second season follows the story of Kate and Anthony , which end the episodes in an atmosphere of romance after the man gives up on marrying his sister, Edwina. However, in the second book the marriage of the two already takes place.

If the chronology of the books were followed, the identity of Lady Whistledown it would only be revealed in the fourth season. In the Netflix production, however, in the last episode of the first part it is already discovered that it is Penelope Featherington who is behind the letters.

What changes from the books for season 3 of “Bridgerton” on Netflix?

The third book in the franchise, “A Perfect Gentleman”, follows the story of Benedict , but it was decided that the production would focus on the relationship between Penelope and Colin. In the third season, then, the second son of the Bridgerton family becomes involved with Lady Tilley Arnold, having more time for relationships before finding a partner to marry.

The history of Colin and Penelope it also does not follow the chronology of the books, as their relationship is only further explored in the fourth book, “The Secrets of Colin Bridgerton”. In the book, Daphne's brother discovers before halfway through the story that his beloved is Lady Whistledown, but in the series this will not be revealed yet.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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