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“Bridgerton”: Luke Newton reveals deleted scene from the series

Colin's role in the series “Bridgerton”, Luke Newton revealed, in an interview published this Tuesday (14), a scene he recorded that ended up being deleted from the Netflix production.

The cast of “Bridgerton” was in New York, in the United States, on Monday night (13), for the series premiere . On that occasion, Luke Newton, Nichola Coughlan (performer of Penelope Featherington), and Chris Van Dusen one of the creators of the production, spoke to the IndieWire portal.

Nichola revealed a little about what the public will be able to see in the new season of the work. “When I watched it, I was more emotional than I ever thought I would be, because I'm a very self-critical person,” she said. “Luke and I put a lot into this.”

The creator already reflected on the continuation of the series after all the original books in the story were adapted.

“I think wherever Netflix allows us to go, the show will go. I'm really, really excited to see Shonda now [Rhimes] continue the work I did and established in these first episodes,” said Van Dusen, who only took control of the first two seasons.

Luke Newton, in turn, told the outlet that one of his scenes recorded for the first season was deleted.

“I don’t ride horses in the series,” said the actor. “They wanted me to go out trotting, but I hadn't yet mastered the trot. They kind of patted themselves on the ass [do cavalo], they tried to make him move on, and it was throwing me back and forth. I was moving around a lot and it was cut from the series. It was very bad driving. I trained a little more, but I still haven't done anything like that this season”, he concluded.

The first part of season 3 of “Bridgerton” premieres on May 16th. The second will be launched in June 13 . The focus of the season will be on the story of Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), the Polin couple.

The production of Netflix is based on the book series “Bridgertons”, by Julia Quinn and tells the story of inseparable brothers who seek love and happiness in the high society of 19th century London.

Source: CNN Brasil

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