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“Bridgerton”: remember the first part of season 3

Divided into two, the 3rd season of “Bridgerton” reaches its final episodes this Thursday (13). The first part of the story of the couple “Polin”, formed by Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) premiered on Netflix on May 16 and showed the transition from their friendship to a romance.

Intrigue, gossip, new mysteries and lots of romance marked the opening episodes of the new story. Below, the CNN remembers the first part of the 3rd season of “Bridgerton”. Check out!

Remember the first part of season 3 of “Bridgerton”

In the first part of season 3, the central plot focused on Penelope Featherington beginning her incessant search to win a suitor who would become her husband — preferably one who would offer her enough independence to pursue her double life as the great Lady Whistledown. without further interference.

Meanwhile, Colin Bridgerton has returned from his summer travels. He was discouraged to realize that Penelope, his friend who had always been his greatest faithful squire, was now distant. In the 2nd season she heard her friend saying that she would never “court” her, which hurt her since she always liked him.

Bridgerton tried everything to win back Featherington’s friendship. In the meantime, he ends up promising to help her find a suitor. During the search, Colin questioned whether his feelings for his friend were just friendship.

At the end of the first part, Colin notices a passion for Penelope, declares himself to his beloved and ends up asking for her hand in marriage. She, in turn, accepts the request.

Regarding parallel plots, Eloise Bridgerton, Colin’s sister and Penelope’s best friend, is now away from Featherington after discovering her Whistledown identity. The first part also began to develop the other Bridgertons Benedict and Francesca.

See what to expect from the second part here.

Source: CNN Brasil

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