Bridgerton: Season 3 will be about Penelope and Colin

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After we surrendered to the charms of the Duke of Hastings and Sir Anthony, we were all eager to know which character Season 3 of Bridgerton, especially after the success of the second. After months of more or less valid hypotheses, it is Netflix itself that dissolves the reserve and unveils the mystery: Bridgerton 3 it will not have just one character as its object, but two. Let’s talk about the couple formed by Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and from Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), or the girl who hides behind the identity of the much feared Lady Whistledown, capable of annihilating the reputation of a family by simply using her sharp pen.

The interpreter herself confirmed the news Nicola Coughlan: «As Lady Whistledown, I have kept a secret for some time and now I can confirm that the third season will tell the love story between Colin and Penelope. It is the first time that I speak of it ». Already in the course of Bridgerton 2 we have witnessed Penelope’s attempts to attract the attention of the little Bridgerton who, however, he has always hinted that he only sees her as a friend. Now, however, that the young Eloise has discovered Whistledown’s identity, it is logical to ask how the plot will develop, because it will certainly not be easy for Penelope to be able to attract the boy’s attention with such a cumbersome secret to keep. .


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The choice to focus on two such particular characters for Bridgerton 3which will be available on Netflix in 2023 – also confirms a strong change of course compared to the two previous chapters which respected the chronology dictated by the literary saga of Julia Quinn. The love story between the Polinas they have been renamed by fans, is, in fact, the subject of the fourth novel, entitled A man to conquer, the same in which the identity of Lady Whistledown is revealed, an event that, however, the series has decided to reveal at the end of the first season. While following the evolution of friendship into something more between Penelope and Colin, the next series will not leave out, in fact, the woman’s double life. Castings are currently underway to take part in Bridgerton 3, although we already know that Hannah Dodd will take over from Ruby Stokes as Francesca Bridgerton and that Jess Brownell will become showrunner in place of Chris Van Dusen.

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