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“Bridgerton”: what to expect from the 4th season of the series

The focus on the story of Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan ) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton ), portrayed in the third season of “Bridgerton”, came to an end recently, but it won’t be long before a new plot surrounding the Bridgerton brothers is addressed, as the fourth part of the adaptation is confirmed by Netflix.

The series addresses, based on an adaptation of the books written by the author, Julia Quinn, the story of the eight Bridgerton brothers, who live in high society in London during the 1800s. In the third season of the production, the streaming platform focused on Colin Bridgerton. Future episodes are expected to choose a new member of the family.

In the last episode of the third part of the series, the narrator makes a point of emphasizing that the plot is becoming increasingly “deep and full-bodied”.

Although no one from the production team or cast has yet said who the character responsible for the central plot of the fourth season will be, the completion of Penelope and Colin’s story indicated some paths that the work could follow.

Warning: the following excerpt may contain spoilers for the third season of “Bridgerton”.

Who would be the protagonist couple of the fourth season of “Bridgerton” according to the books?

The fourth book released by Julia Quinn was “The Secrets of Colin Bridgerton”, precisely focused on the “Polin” couple. While the first two seasons of the series are faithful to the books in portraying the stories of Daphne and Anthony, respectively, a change actually occurred in the third part of the production.

Julia Quinn’s third title, titled “A Perfect Gentleman”, is not focused on the story of Penelope and Colin, as in the series, but rather on the story of Bennedict.

Jess Brownell, producer of the Netflix adaptation, may have reversed the two books and addressed the other brother in the next season.

The fifth book, if the series has “skipped” Benedict’s story, focuses on Eloise Bridgerton.

Penelope Bridgerton as Lady Wistledown?

At the end of the third season, Penelope Bridgerton reveals to everyone her identity as Lady Wistledown, author of society gossip.

Soon after, she publishes an edition of the gossip seeming to say “goodbye” to the activity. It is not confirmed whether the character will continue writing.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton said they hope the fourth season will give more screen time to the romance between their characters, which indicates the possibility of the couple being even more highlighted in the next episodes.

Benedict’s sexuality

With increasing prominence in the series, Benedict begins to explore his sexuality in the last few episodes, getting involved with a person of the same sex for the first time.

Like the fans, Luke Thompson, the actor who plays the character, said he was curious about how he would experience his future romantic relationships. “It was always part of the writing that Benedict felt a little curious about his desires, rather than certain about what he wants and seeks,” he said in an interview with Bustle.

The actor also commented that Benedict is closer to being pansexual, in terms of sexual orientation, that is, a person who feels sexual attraction regardless of gender identity. “That’s a word that could be used. But what’s refreshing about it, certainly in the way it’s being discovered at the moment, is that there’s a sense of labellessness about it,” he reflected.

Francesca’s relationship

Francesca Bridgerton’s arc in the third season caused a buzz on social media. This is because an aspect of her story changed in relation to what is portrayed in the books.

In the series, she marries John Kilmartin and, soon after, is introduced to her husband’s cousin, Michaela. In the future, she will end up falling in love with her relative, but, in the book that focuses on her story (“An Unforgettable Kiss”), the passion is directed towards a man, since the character is, in fact, Michael.

In an interview with Glamour, Jess Brownell said that the fourth season will delve deeper into the story of Michaela’s character. In other words, the development of her romances with Kilmartin and Francesca could begin to take new forms in future episodes.

Eloise’s future

At the end of the third season, Eloise Bridgerton finally realizes that what she wants, above all, is to “understand the world”. She then goes with her sister, Francesca, to Scotland.

In the last few episodes, Eloise has also started to open up more to the possibility of being in a romantic relationship with someone. However, in an interview with The Wrap, however, Jess says that romance may not happen anytime soon for the character.

“I think it’s absolutely possible that she will open up to love in the future, but we have a little more we want to do with her before she’s ready for that.”

Lady Violet’s new novel

Lady Violet Bridgerton had a romantic relationship introduced for the first time. The widow began an affair with Lord Marcus, brother of her friend Lady Danbury. The rapprochement between the two became stronger in the last episodes of the third season, which could also be highlighted in the next season of the series.

When does the fourth season of “Bridgerton” premiere?

Jess Brownell gave a prediction on when the new part of the story might debut.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said that she and the team are working to deliver the new season as quickly as possible, but that the The fourth part of the story is not expected to premiere before 2026.

Source: CNN Brasil

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