Brief abstracts on conferences and division into chapters: ChatGPT is built into Microsoft Teams

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Of course, artificial intelligence technologies are now being integrated absolutely wherever possible – AI is already writing scripts for films, getting jobs and creating gorgeous drawings at the level of professional artists. And Microsoft also decided to take advantage of modern technology to improve Microsoft Teams by increasing the efficiency of users in the consumer and corporate sectors. To do this, models based on OpenAI GPT-3.5 were integrated into the application, which will work at online meetings, webinars, conferences and more.

Developers at Microsoft said they wanted to find a way to “work smarter, not harder” as the flow of information at conferences has skyrocketed recently. Meeting admins spend the lion’s share of their time creating the short notes needed by staff, and Teams Premium now includes automatic AI-powered in-meeting note-taking. It recognizes the speech of individual speakers, dividing them and distributing them along the timeline, and also “understands” what was said, forming certain short abstracts based on the speech of the presenters – they can be seen in the application during the meeting.

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Accordingly, employees who missed the meeting or listened to certain points will be able to view personalized notes, getting the most important information from the entire speech of the speaker. In addition, now the artificial intelligence system is able to “understand” the semantic meaning of the meeting and can divide the time strip into sections depending on the issues discussed during the event. This should also save employees a lot of time – the user can view the chapters, select what he really needs, and then listen to a separate chapter or just read the notes created for it.

Naturally, the tool does not work everywhere – in order for the system to form chapters, you need to hold meetings in the PowerPoint Live application. In this case, artificial intelligence will determine the issues of the event and divide the content into chapters for greater convenience, but this does not work in other software. In addition, AI can create personalized markers on the timeline for each user to show the employee when he joined or left the meeting. These markers will be available only to the user (management, apparently, will not see them) and they will allow you to quickly determine what content was missed and what is worth listening to after the meeting ends. These same markers will indicate when a username was mentioned and when a screen was shared.

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