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Brigade member from Rio Grande do Sul “turns into an iron man” to make children happy; look

A firefighter from the Rio Grande do Sul Fire Department drew attention online when he “became” an iron man to cheer up children at the Children’s Cancer Institute in Porto Alegre (RS).

In conversation with the CNN Thales Coan talked about how he started volunteering in hospitals in Porto Alegre and the region, and where the idea of ​​dressing up as the character Iron Man came from.

According to him, since he was a child he had a way of “dismantling and fixing things”, and “inventing new ones”.

Coan also said that he had a mentor who came from the church he attended.

“My discipler and best man, Elenor “Noi”, was starting a Christian Humanitarian Clown ministry, in a hospital environment. I would like to be part of it, but I’m not very good at being a clown”, he recalled.

Regarding the idea of ​​building the armor, he said that the idea came up after watching the film and seeing that cosplay (a pastime where character fans characterize themselves as such) made for children’s birthdays were made of fiber.

“I felt like I could use this to participate in hospital visits, so I contacted Noi and asked if, if I built a suit of armor, I could participate,” he says.

After the yes, the then future iron man began to gather metal from the street.

According to him, “many different types of scrap were used in the construction of the first suit”, in addition to weighing around 48kg and causing some injuries.

Based on the prototype, the brigade member asked another brother and friend, Edgard, for help with lighting.

“He gave me the direction to improve the costume. After the first visit, I understood that it was a gift from Jesus, I accepted my call, and I started designing the next armor”, he recalls.

After a few years, Thales’ mentor, “Noi”, and his brother Edgard passed away, but, according to him, the “idea remained to continue with this work, bringing joy and fun”.

Today, he is already in the 3rd version of the armor, which is made of aluminum and zinc alloy, is automated, in addition to being light and “relatively easy” to equip, and which has a sound system and software “better than any artificial intelligence”, he jokes.

Coan already has a project for the 4th armor, which should take 1 to 2 years to complete.

In addition to working in children’s hospitals, he says that he is sometimes called upon for other visits such as social actions, street evangelism and that he is always accompanied by his team.

“Some go as clowns, others as superheroes. In the end, we do what we were called to do: love others”, she concludes.

Regarding the children’s reaction, Coan says he talks about the children’s reaction, who “welcome him like a superhero, asking him to change the costume, turn on lights, sounds, and open the mask”, and also the adults’ reaction, who always They are curious about how the costume works and what it is made of.

“It’s a way to break the ice and alleviate the stressful time they have been going through, as some have been undergoing treatment for many years and, sometimes, the journey becomes difficult.”

*Under the supervision of André Rigue

Source: CNN Brasil

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