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Britain: Acceleration of vaccinations and new measures

Britain: Acceleration of vaccinations and new measures

The Johnson administration has presented a timetable for limiting the Omicron mutation. With the loss of the resolution in the Parliament, confusion in view of Christmas.

A few days after the appearance of the Omicron mutation, the British government set the goal of completing the adult vaccination with the booster dose by the end of January. The United Kingdom wants to “catch” the new mutation, which reached 22 confirmed cases in four days. So far, more than 18 million people have received the third dose of the vaccine, meaning another 23 million need to be vaccinated in less than two months. That is why the government has asked for the help of the army and volunteers to staff 1,500 new vaccination centers.

Merry Christmas again in the UK

The government of Boris Johnson may once again pin its hopes on the vaccination program, but enacted new restrictive measures until March 24, 2022. Although a few months ago it assured that it would save this Christmas, the return of the mask, the PCR travel and quarantine testing for anyone who comes in contact with a confirmed case of the Omicron mutation raises a big question mark for the second year in a row. The vote on the measures provoked reactions from members of Parliament. Nineteen lawmakers from the Conservative party did not support the return of the mask, while 32 voted against the quarantine provision, with the main concern being the impact on the economy.

It is true that after the announcements of the government, the British citizens also appear divided and anxious for Christmas. The catering industry may be exempt from the measures, but the cancellations have already begun. According to market participants, there is fear and confusion in the world and from Saturday the cancellations increase by about 14% to 15% per day. However, Boris Johnson insists that the government’s response is “proportionate to the situation”, while even Health Minister Sanjid Javid urges people “to be careful, but to continue their normal Christmas planning”.

Zoe Katzagiannaki, London

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