Britain: ‘Dangerous’ alcohol consumption rises sharply amid pandemic

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The number of Britons consuming dangerously high amounts of alcohol has increased significantly since the beginning of the pandemic, according to official data released today.

The government body responsible for improving health and combating inequality has relied on data from the YouGov polling institute to estimate the number of people in England who consume wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages at a high risk level.

According to a sample of 1,700 people, in October 2021 18.1% of adults – a proportion of almost 8 million people – had made such a dangerous use of alcohol in the previous three months. In October 2019 the corresponding percentage was 11.9% (5 million people) and in February 2020, just before the first rollouts were imposed in Europe, it was 12.4%.

The dangerous level of use is determined in relation to the amount of alcohol consumed but also by the frequency, the feeling of guilt or the consequences it has for the drinkers in their social activities.

Excessive alcohol consumption is more common in men than women, but even in this category of the population there is an increase (from 1.6 million women to 2.3 million and from 4 to 5.5 million for men).

According to Julia Sinclair, president of the addiction department at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, alcohol consumption increased rapidly during the pandemic because “we were limited to what we could do” but also because some people drank only in pubs. , started consuming alcohol in the house where they were locked up.

The problem is that now “this has become a habit” and “some habits are becoming established”, he warned, expressing the pessimistic prediction that there will be no return to the pre-pandemic level. “For now, the data suggests that people who started drinking at home continue to drink even more” in bars. And the worst part is that, unlike pubs, drinking alcohol at home “can go on for hours,” the researcher added.



Source From: Capital

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