Britain: ‘Do not bring your babies to the House of Representatives’, parliamentary committee rules

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The British MPs will not be allowed to bring their babies to the sittings of the parliament, as decided today by a committee for the revision of the regulations, the Committee of Procedure of the House of Commons.

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The decision is expected to provoke a debate on whether the work culture in parliament works as a deterrent to some candidates.

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In recent years, this has included not only the issue of compatibility or non-parental status with the role of Member of Parliament, but also the long-standing issues of sexual harassment and diversity.

The decision acknowledges, however, that in the past babies were transported to the boardroom without being disturbed, but nevertheless notes that the existing regulations should be applied.

The Commission’s recommendation puts Britain out of the process of modernization taking place in other countries.

Although some other countries’ parliaments still do not allow MPs to bring their babies, others – such as those in New Zealand and Australia – have changed the rules to allow MPs to feed their babies in the meeting rooms.

The Commission recommendation follows a call for a review by House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle to review the regulation following the incident with Stella Crisey, who was informed in November 2021 that it was against the regulation to bring a baby in the House of Representatives.

Responding to the Commission’s revised proposal, Krizi commented: “I am not surprised that they do not recognize who is discouraged by parliament with outdated regulations, the approach to women with children and the need for modernization.”

“This committee has not spoken to a single person outside parliament, although many of us have encouraged its members to do so,” Krizi said in a statement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said the government was committed to an inclusive parliament, but regulations were a matter for parliamentary authorities.

Source: Capital

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