Britain: Former Conservative leader considers it possible to file a motion of censure against Johnson

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The former leader of the British Conservative Party considers it possible to file a motion of censure against Prime Minister Boris Johnson next month, as criticism in the Tories camp over the partygate grows.

The publication last week of the findings of top public official Sue Gray, which describes the scale of the lockdown violations in the heart of British power, brought the scandal back to the forefront and provoked new conservative MPs to urge Boris to resign.

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It takes 54 letters to the 1922 Conservative Party Commission to activate the motion of censure against Boris Johnson. About 30 MPs have so far publicly called on the British Prime Minister to resign, but as the process is secretive, the British political establishment is speculating on the number of letters to be submitted to the committee in the coming days.

“I think the Conservatives are heading to a vote either next week or in late June,” William Hague, the Conservative leader from 1997 to 2001 and a former secretary of state, told Times Radio.

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“There are many who have interpreted that last week’s events mean that the problems are over and that Boris Johnson is out of danger, but that is not the atmosphere in the Conservative Party, which is very, very troubled by the outcome.” said William Hague.

The scandal has caused a sharp drop in Boris Johnson’s popularity, causing heavy losses to the Tories in the local elections in early May. The British Prime Minister has been saved in his position by shifting the burden to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and in the absence of an obvious replacement.

Additional elections will be held on June 23, the results of which are likely to renew the dissatisfaction with the face of Boris Johnson in the ranks of the Tories.

If the motion of censure against him is approved, an internal vote will be held to appoint a new leader. If Boris Johnson survives, he will not be able to leave for a year.

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