Britain: ‘Green trade’ could end global energy dependence on Russia

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Green trade agreements could help end global oil and gas dependence on Russia, as well as relieve the world economy of its dependence on Vladimir Putin, according to a speech today. British Minister of Commerce Anne-Marie Trevelian.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that it was impossible for some European countries to quickly abandon Russian oil, as proposed by the European Union.

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Britain, which is less dependent on Russian energy than its European neighbors, said its fast-growing green sector could help reduce its dependence on Russian oil and gas.

“This terrible conflict in Ukraine has underscored what can be achieved through a coherent global approach. It has also reminded the world that we need to ‘detoxify’ the world economy,” Trevelian was quoted as saying today. published her office.

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“The last few months have highlighted the need to accelerate our journey as a global community away from hydrocarbons, to effectively turn our backs on the age of dependence on polluting fuels, to move to a zero-emission future.”

In her speech she will announce loan guarantees for green companies, totaling around 190 million pounds (224.88 million euros) but also the organization of an export exhibition for green trade and investment in the north east of England in the fall, as announced by the office of.

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